Rubik’s cube party

My flat makes a very good venue for a party. I’ve got a large reception/dining room (dance floor), a second reception room, a living room and a large outside terrace area with a veranda I’ve decorated with fairy lights.

As a result I offered to host Amy’s 30th birthday party bring and share. This was slight more convoluted than the usual party, because it was Rubik’s cube themed. Attendees had to wear items of clothing which were white, blue, yellow, orange, red and green. And the challenge was to swap clothes to end up in a single colour. For example, I kept my yellow skirt, swapped my green top with Kirsty for her yellow one, swapped my red tie for I think a yellow jacket which was too warm so I swapped that again for some yellow sunglasses. And so on. We all looked like idiots. It was great fun. And the Salvation Army Charity Shop did very well from all the pre party purchases.

ed-thorpe-rubiks-cube-party-4412ed-thorpe-rubiks-cube-party-4443Photos from this blog entry all credits Ed Thorpe

Amy is the Spiky Yellow Woodlouse expert, recently she made the discovery that Spiky glows under UV light.  So of course, it was only fitting that she had a Spiky Yellow Woodlouse cake. My colleague, Annie Mittens, made the most wonderful cake for Amy. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the inside, which was marbled green and white, and looked amazing, but I do have a photo of the top.



From left: Peter, Amy, Lydia and I

A big group strutted off to Donnys after the party, leaving me, Amy, her visiting boyfriend Rob, and Stuart (who also had his birthday that night) sat around in the courtyard under the stars having a few relaxing drinks to finish the night.

Oh, and who won the Rubik’s cube competition, if there was one? It would have to be Rebekah who did a fantastic effort collecting a serious amount of Orange!



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